Tooling and cnc machining

When working with Xufeng,a diverse variety of machining services to meet your demand of tooling building and part machining. We offer CNC milling, Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) wire cutting (WCM), CNC turning and automatical lathe,grinding ,drilling,boring,screw tapping,bending.
All of these custom machining capabilities are performed by bellow advanced equipments
15 CNC milling machines, including Toyoda, Makino, Deckel, and others
5 EDM machines, including Makino, Fanuc Alpha, and Charmilles
20 CNC lathes, including Jet and Clausing Colchester
2 drilling machines, including 
1 spotting presses, including Millutensil and Dake
6 grinders, including Chevalier, Gromax, Okamoto and others
1 bending machine

Plastic injection moulding

100-850 tones Plastic injection moulding machines
For plasitc injection molding we offer following technologies:

IML injection molding process: :features: the surface has a hardened transparent film; the middle is a printed pattern layer, the back is a plastic layer; due to the ink is between the film and plastic, the surface of the plastic products is scratch and wear resistance and can keep the color bright and not fade easily for a long term.
High-gloss injection molding process::Surface of high-gloss injection molding process made products features no melting marks, no flow marks, no flow lines and no sink marks; surface gloss reaches the mirror effect; improve plastic part strength and surface hardness; make the thin wall forming, improve injection molding liquidity, improve product quality and strength; make the thick wall molding injection cycle reduce by over 60%; no follow-up serious environment pollution spraying technology, can reduce process flow and save energy source and materials. Reduce plastic products costs directly; protect environment and health of operators. Enjoy broad application prospects in household appliances, auto communications, daily commodities, medical industry, etc. For example: Panel TV set, computer LCD, air-conditioners, automotive upholsteries, etc....
Electronic applications::Injection molding process is widely used in: Electronics, computer peripherals, mobile phones, laptop computers, a variety of plastic shell, communications, micro motors, electrical appliances, toys, clocks, lighting, locomotives and other industries…...
Plastic granulation process::Provide a variety of plastic dyeing, masterbatch, addition, modification and second-rate material recycling and pelletizing recycling…
It is widely used in food packaging, household appliances, electronic industry, digital PC, medical equipment, automobile interior industry, children’s toys and so on...

Die casting

180-2000 tones die casting machine 
In order to produce high-quality castings, we use the following technologies:
Manuel and Automatic sprayers
Robot fetching part
in-time machine monitoring

Top Die Aluminum offers a variety of value added services including:

Secondary Operations
Finishing like ,sandblast,powder coating and painting

Quality Inspection

We employ the latest QA Equipment to guarantee the quality:

In-house raw material inspection
2.5 D scanner
CMM-programmed inspections
1st piece and last--shot inspections
Continuous in-process inspections: