XF has 15 injection Machines on a 7 day shift system, our constant shift pattern enable us to confidently offer reduced lead times and faster deliveries to you.

What is plastic injection moulding

Plastic Injection Molding is still one popular manufacturing processes of plastic parts ,various plastic products are manufactured by injection molding which vary in the size , contracture and application, the process is plastic material melted and injected into a pre-made mould where it cools and solidifies into the final part..

Advantage of our Plastic Injection Moulding service

Rich molding experience in processing various materials including ABS, PP, PS, PC ,PMMA, PE,POM, PA6/66+GF,PET, PBT, TPE.

100-850 tones machine capacity

Our technique staffs will do periodical checking and maintenance to ensure our machine run normally and all of our products have passed through very strict quality control before shipment.

Small quantity trial order are welcome ,so no matter small or large volume injection molding we all pay attention to our job

Injection moulding parts cover auto parts ,electrical& electronic parts ,Medical parts and machine parts etc.

Electrical Part
PC Tranparent Part
Plastic Injection Over Part